Best Nonprofit Accounting and Book Keeping Software

If your nonprofit organization has more than 300 transactions a year (just a thumb rule), it’s better to graduate from manual accounting system to more specialized Nonprofit Accounting and Book Keeping Software programs. Although these programs will require… Read More

Nonprofit Accounting: Introduction

Gone are the times, when it was enough for a nonprofit organization to focus on its programs and do well at its mission. With financial scams rocking the world, stakeholders don’t’ just want to know who you are… Read More

Restricted Contribution: Treatment in books

You will often come across the term ‘restricted contribution’ or ‘restricted net assets’ in balance sheet of nonprofit organizations. Not a very common sight in financial statements of ‘for-profit organizations’. This article explains meaning and treatment of ‘restricted… Read More

Valuation of Non-Cash Donation (in-kind)

Valuation of in-kind or non-cash donation is a tricky and complex issue faced by many nonprofit organizations. Many a times, a donor would like to inflate the value of in-kind donation made to your organization for getting higher… Read More

Non Profit Accounting for Dummies

Critical review of  Non Profit Accounting for Dummies Accounting and proper book keeping plays an important role in any nonprofit organization. Like any for profit organization, a nonprofit organization is subject to evaluation and monitoring by a large… Read More