5 Ways to Raise Money via Smartphones

The expansive reach of mobile phones—literally to the pocket of a huge number of individuals—gives nonprofits a whole new channel for fundraising and donor interaction.With convenience, security, anonymity and ease of interaction making smartphone fundraising an essential tool for nonprofits, here are 5 ways to raise money via smartphones. Text Donations One of the most […]

Benefits of Collecting Mobile Donations

Successful fundraising depends on getting potential donors to give at the moment they feel most motivated to support your cause or organization. But how do you make it convenient and easy for people to donate, precisely when their hearts and minds are moved to give? That answer is evolving with the growth of accepting payments […]

Pension Protection Act: Applicability for NPOs

The Pension Protection Act (PPA) was signed into law by the president George W. Bush on August 17, 2006. Besides protecting the pensioners, the pension protection act also creates a number of rules that apply to non profit organizations as well as to donors who make gifts and contributions to tax-exempt organizations. Cash Contributions Previously, […]

Stats about US NPO sector

The U.S. non profit sector is equal to the sixth largest economy in the world – larger than the Canadian or Russian economies. SOME FACTS ABOUT THE NON PROFIT SECTOR There are about 2.3 million non profits in the United States (corporations, trusts, associations and other forms of nonprofit organizations) and more than half of […]

Stakeholders of a Typical Non Profit Organization

A stakeholder is an individual or group which has an interest that the non profit fulfills its mission. Anyone who is interested or affected by the nonprofit organization and its services is a stakeholder. Stakeholders in the nonprofit sector include the following: BENEFICIARIES – The people and parties who actually use the services and goods […]