NPO: minimum Officers required

Also see: Minimum number of founders Minimum number of Directors state wise minimum number of officers for a nonprofit: State Minimum number of officers Can a person hold more than one office? Can a person be secretary & president concurrently? Other remarks AL Pres., VP, Treas., Sec. Yes No None AK Pres., VP, Treas., Sec. […]

Careers in nonprofit organizations

While small organizations do not employ a lot of people, the larger ones employ several specialists. Some of the common entry level careers offered in a nonprofit organization include – Administrator, program coordinators, campaign organizers, communications organizer, community representatives, Marketing Manager, fund raisers, publication editors, field directors, office managers, press assistant, project director, assistants, counselors, […]

Minimum Number of Directors for a NPO

The minimum number of directors for a non profit organization is 1 to 3 in different U.S states. See table below. Also see: Minimum number of founders Minimum number of Officers Minimum number of directors: The State wise rules for admitting directors on the board of a nonprofit organization are as follows: State Minimum Number […]

Being a Nonprofit Employer

A nonprofit organization can hire: a) Employees – Including full time, part time employees and/or officers b) Independent Contractors – for availing one-time or specialized services c)Volunteers – to execute programs and activities as outlined in the organization’s mission – though technically this does not constitue hiring. The moment a Nonprofit organization hires its first […]