Pension Protection Act: Applicability for NPOs

The Pension Protection Act (PPA) was signed into law by the president George W. Bush on August 17, 2006. Besides protecting the pensioners, the pension protection act also creates a number of rules that apply to non profit… Read More

Sample Mission Statement: Top 20 Nonprofits

A sample collection of mission statement of 20 world’s largest, top and possibly best nonprofit organizations. Environmental Defense:   Mission Statement Environmental Defense Fund’s mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. Guided… Read More

Nonprofit organization: conducting the first meeting

Agenda for the first meeting of a nonprofit organization To appoint the initial board  (see: state wise minimum required directors) To elect officers. (see: state wise minimum required officer) To adopt the organization bylaws (if not already adopted)… Read More

Conducting Nonprofit Board Meeting

Nonprofit board meeting process : Role of the Chairman Establish quorum Discuss and identify conflict of interests Evaluate voting rights of members with conflict of interest from the quorum Formally start the meeting Move discussions forward Formally adjourn/end… Read More

Sample Minutes of Nonprofit Board Meeting

The minutes record the transactions of a meeting. The minutes of a meeting should record the transactions and not the individual interpretations of the person maintaining the minute. While there are no specifications of how the minutes could… Read More