NPO: minimum Officers required

Also see: Minimum number of founders Minimum number of Directors state wise minimum number of officers for a nonprofit: State Minimum number of officers Can a person hold more than one office? Can a person be secretary &… Read More

Availing nonprofit standard mail rates

Nonprofit organizations can avail of reduced rates of Standard Mail postage offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) by applying for Nonprofit Standard Mail rates. The authorization applies nationwide, if the application is approved. Contents eligible to… Read More

Careers in nonprofit organizations

While small organizations do not employ a lot of people, the larger ones employ several specialists. Some of the common entry level careers offered in a nonprofit organization include – Administrator, program coordinators, campaign organizers, communications organizer, community… Read More

Branding for nonprofit organizations

Large and established non profit organizations realize the importance of branding efforts and most of them employ dedicated P.R managers to steer their branding effort. In case of smaller organizations, the board members have to wear the hat… Read More

Fund raising: Registering with the AG office

Fund raising is governed by the respective ‘state solicitation law’ of the respective state where the organization is either physically “present” or it raises funds. If an organization raises USD 5000 or more, it is required to obtain… Read More