Nonprofits: sample Notice of Meeting

Nonprofit organization:  sample notice of meeting date: mm/dd/yyyy Notice of  {nth.} meeting of ABC nonprofit organization According to section X of the bylaws of the organization, the board of directors hereby gives notice of the annual general meeting of {Name of the nonprofit organization} which will take place on Tuesday 16 April 20XX at 4.30 […]

starting a NPO: founder’s requirements

state laws (U.S) require minimum three category of people to form a nonprofit organization. Founders Directors Officers Often, the same person can play all three roles. Founder’s requirement/ Minimum number of Founders State Minimum number of incorporators Alabama Persons (one or more),  partnerships, domestic corporations or foreign corporations, whether for profit or not for profit […]

NPO: minimum Officers required

Also see: Minimum number of founders Minimum number of Directors state wise minimum number of officers for a nonprofit: State Minimum number of officers Can a person hold more than one office? Can a person be secretary & president concurrently? Other remarks AL Pres., VP, Treas., Sec. Yes No None AK Pres., VP, Treas., Sec. […]

Sample Nonprofit Whistle Blower Policy

Source: Compass point non-profit services If any employee reasonably believes that some policy, practice, or activity of  ORGANIZATION NAME is in violation of law, a written complaint may be filed by that employee with the Chief Executive Officer. It is the intent of _________ to adhere to all laws and regulations that apply to the […]

Conducting Nonprofit Board Meeting

The meeting of the board must be productive, inclusive and participatory. To ensure this, the parliamentary system of conducting meetings is followed by many organizations. The parliamentary system allows the organization to transact their business with speed and efficiency at the same time protecting the rights and preserving the spirit of harmony amongst the members. […]