ABC of Fundraising for startup nonprofits

Fund raising is both an art and a science.It is an art to the extent that its effectiveness depends on the creativity of the fund raisers. However it is a science because fund raising has really evolved into… Read More

Minimum Number of Directors for a NPO

The minimum number of directors for a non profit organization is 1 to 3 in different U.S states. See table below. Also see: Minimum number of founders Minimum number of Officers Minimum number of directors: The State wise… Read More

Being a Nonprofit Employer

A nonprofit organization can hire: a) Employees – Including full time, part time employees and/or officers b) Independent Contractors – for availing one-time or specialized services c)Volunteers – to execute programs and activities as outlined in the organization’s… Read More

Budget Preparation for Startup Nonprofit

Budget constitutes the final part of the project report submitted to funding agencies for consideration. Budget making is difficult when starting a non profit organization, because there is no base on which costs can be estimated. This budget… Read More

Measuring Project Outcomes / Indicators

The project report of a start up non profit organization should clearly spell out the methods that the organization proposes to apply to measure the success of the proposed project. Accordingly the project report should clearly specify the… Read More