AG offices for state solicitation registration

If an organization raises $ 5000 or more, it is required to obtain a solicitation license or an equivalent registration from the office of the Attorney general the state. What follows is a list of addresses and website of Attorney general offices from where this registration can be obtained. State addresses of attorney general offices […]

Risk Cover with Insurance for Nonprofit Organization

A nonprofit organization works in a dynamic environment with several risks. Getting an Insurance done for the organization is a option that nonprofit leaders could consider to mitigate some of the avoidable risks. Mentioned below are the commonly used options for nonprofit organization insurance coverage. Depending upon the perceived risk, an organization may wish to […]

New nonprofits: becoming accountable

Introduction The primary goal of a nonprofit organization is to serve its mission. However in the present day – the job of a nonprofit organization does not end there. Situations are such that, if a nonprofit organization keeps serving its mission but fails to document them properly, it may sooner or later find itself strangled […]

Vehicles/Instruments of planned giving

A Planned giving can be executed through one or more of the following vehicles/instruments – Outright Gifts The least complicated of all the vehicles of planned giving where the donor simply makes an outright payment though check, credit card, or any other means. The granter of the outright gift can avail income tax deductions but […]

Benefits of planned giving

Till just a few years back, planned giving was criticized by many nonprofit leaders. They felt that it was better spending resources on programs that yielded funds in the short run rather than spending time on raising resources through estate gift or other planned giving programs. These programs were also considered ‘too technical’ or cumbersome […]