How planned giving works ?

‘Planned giving’ (also called ‘gift planning’ or ‘deferred giving’) has caught the fancy of nonprofit fund raisers in recent years as a win win instrument for both the donors and the donee. However ‘Planned giving’ is a  vast and a complex subject and can be really intimidating for a new fund raisers. What follows is […]

Fundraising for nonprofits: the common methods

Nonprofit organizations employ different methods for raising funds for different purposes. However lets first stick to the most traditional and the most commonly used fund raising methods applied by nonprofit organizations in the United States. When drafting your nonprofit fund raising plan – be sure to include most of these time tested traditional methods of […]

ABC of Fundraising for startup nonprofits

Fund raising is both an art and a science.It is an art to the extent that its effectiveness depends on the creativity of the fund raisers. However it is a science because fund raising has really evolved into a complex system with the development of new and creative instruments for fund raising. This series of […]

Minimum Number of Directors for a NPO

The minimum number of directors for a non profit organization is 1 to 3 in different U.S states. See table below. Also see: Minimum number of founders Minimum number of Officers Minimum number of directors: The State wise rules for admitting directors on the board of a nonprofit organization are as follows: State Minimum Number […]

Being a Nonprofit Employer

A nonprofit organization can hire: a) Employees – Including full time, part time employees and/or officers b) Independent Contractors – for availing one-time or specialized services c)Volunteers – to execute programs and activities as outlined in the organization’s mission – though technically this does not constitue hiring. The moment a Nonprofit organization hires its first […]