Starting a nonprofit in Colorado

Starting a nonprofit in Colorado is governed by the “Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act” (Articles 121 – 137) (hereinafter called the ‘Act’) Eligibility for starting a nonprofit organization in Colorado a) The Proposed nonprofit organization must be represented by one or more incorporator who must be 18 years or older. b) The resident agent of […]

Starting a Nonprofit Organization in California

Starting a Nonprofit Corporation in California is governed by the Nonprofit Corporation Act of California. Scope of Nonprofit Corporation Act, California : The Act is applicable to start 501C3 organizations under the subcategories of charitable, educational, religious, recreational, social  or similar purposes organization. The California Nonprofit Corporation Act is divided into III sections – I) […]

Starting a nonprofit in Arkansas

Starting a nonprofit in Arkansas is governed by the Arkanasas nonprofit corporation Act,1993. Eligibility to start a nonprofit in Arkansas 1) The Proposed Nonprofit must have a registered address of Arkansas. This may or may not be the same as the place where the nonprofit conducts its business. 2)The nonprofit must have a resident agent […]

Starting a nonprofit in Alaska

The procedure for starting a nonprofit in Alaska is governed by the Nonprofit Corporation Act of Alaska. The nonprofit organizations that fall under the purview of this Act include organization operating in the field of  agricultural,animal husbandry, athletic, benevolent, charitable, cemetery,  civic, commercial, cultural, educational, eleemosynary, fraternal, horticultural, industrial, literary, labor unions patriotic, political, professional, […]