Starting a nonprofit in Alabama

Starting a non profit in Alabama is governed by the Alabama Nonprofit Corporation Act. Applicability – The provisions of this Act apply to starting of  nonprofit organization including but not limited to, any one or more of the following purposes: Charitable, Benevolent, Eleemosynary, Educational, Civic, Patriotic, Political, Religious, Social, Fraternal, Literary, Cultural, Athletic, Scientific, Agricultural,Horticultural, […]

Incorporation terminologies

When Incorporating a nonprofit organization, you may encounter certain terms very frequently. A brief of these is mentioned below – 1. Shareholders – A shareholder is a person owning stocks in a corporation.A share holder may be entitled to voting rights and to dividends(in case of equity shares) or returns (for preference shareholders)in case of […]

Starting with the incorporartion procedure

Documents required for incorporating a nonprofit (get them handy to start with the formal incorporation procedure) a)Business Address – A complete business address – not just the post box number. b) Mailing address – if different from the mailing address c) Description of the activities of the proposed non profit organization. d) Personal Information – […]

Starting with a Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement whereby a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization financially supports another organization, Individual or a project that may not have a tax exempt status. The organization that agrees to provide fiscal sponsorship is called the ‘sponsor’ or the ‘fiscal agent’ From the point of view of many organizations,  sponsoring is a […]

Nonprofits and Political campaigning

Tax exemption recognition and Political campiagning do not go together for non profit organizations. Nonprofits that seek 501(c)(3) tax exemption are not allowed to support or affiliate to any political group. Nonprofits that intend to indulge in political campaigns must instead seek recognition under section 527 of the IRS rules. The rules for lobbying are […]