Starting a trust

As an alternative to incorporation – A non profit organization can also be started as a trust. While trusts are the common structure of Starting a non profit organization in the United Kingdom, they are rarely used in the United States. In the United states, trusts are more commonly used for Will and estate planning, […]

How to Limit personal liability

Limiting of personal liability is cited as one of the greatest advanatges of incorporating a non profit orgnization.  This may be true to a large extent however incorporation is a costly affair – in terms of the expenses involved, documents to be maintained, compliances to be undertaken, hiring of qualified staff and being ready for […]

Essential elements of a by law

The by law is a vital piece of document for managing the functioning of a non profit organization. The following  aspects of an organization’s by laws need to be looked into when drafting them at the time of incorporation of a non profit organization – A) Number of  Board members – The by law should […]

Where to Incorporate

Incorporation (both ‘for-profit’ and ‘non-profit’) is a subject of state laws. While the general principles and rules remain same throughout the states, there are some vital differences. For instance,  there are differences in the application process , the membership requirements, the filing fee and few other norms. The difference is more pronounced in the state […]