Non Profit Organization-Is it suitable for me?

Introduction Why to incorporate a non profit (or ‘not-for profit’ as called in some states) Organization and why not a ‘for-profit’ organization ? The following constitutes the most important differences between the two. 1) A non profit organization cannot distibute back the profits from its activities as dividends to its board or general members. The […]

Articles of Incorporation of a non profit organization

The articles of Incorporation (also called the Certificate of Incorporation or simply ‘Charter’ in some states) is a legal document that is to be filed by a non profit organization(all all corporations) at the time of its formation with the concerned department of the secretary of state. The articles of an organization are the very […]

Fiduciary duties of a non profit board member

The member of a board of non profit organization has several responsibilities towards the organization and towards the stakeholders of the non-profit organization and it is important that the you know your duties before you start a non profit organization. The duties of a non profit board member can be broadly classified into two- the […]

Drafting the Non profit organization’s by-laws

The by-laws (also called ‘bye’-laws) of a non profit organization lays down the broad policies and framework for conducting of its day to day activites and thus deserves special attention when starting a non profit organization. The by-laws cannot be changed except under exceptional circumstances by passing of the amendments by a majority of board […]