Writing Mission statement for a nonprofit

The mission statement articulates a organization’s purpose. It explains why the organization exists in the first place. A clearly articulated mission statement gives a clear idea of the purpose and hence acts as a tool to measure the effectiveness of its programs against the benchmark of the mission. The mission statement must have a meaning […]


Thank you for taking the beginner’s checklist tour. Getting down to the act ! A definitive answer to all these questions constitutes the beginner’s checklist for starting a nonprofit organization. To summarize, before you begin with the process for starting a nonprofit organization , you need to be clear on these 5  issues – 1) […]

Membership provision

Step 5 of 5 My organization will: have membership provision not have membership provision. A word about nonprofit organization structure. A typical non profit organization, has a board which looks after all the governance. The board members are either elected by outgoing board or by the members of the organization (if the organization allows for […]

Organization structure

Step 4 of 5 I would like to : Start an ‘unincorporated’ nonprofit organization. Start an ‘incorporated’ nonprofit organization. What is the difference between the two ? Very simply put, An Unincorporated organization does not register itself with the state authorities and is not liable to comply with the reporting requirements of the state. An […]

Federal and state tax exemption

Step 3 of 5 The proposed nonprofit organization: Is likely to apply for obtaining Tax exempt status with the federal and/or state authorities Will not likely apply for tax exemption at any stage Side note: A tax exempt organization is also called a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization. ( that’s the IRS section under which […]