Starting a Nonprofit in Missouri

Starting a Non profit organization in Missouri is governed by Chapter 355 titled Non profit corporation Law of Missouri. Eligibility for Starting a Nonprofit organization in Missouri 1) Minimum number of Incorporators required to start a NPO in Missouri is 1. The Incorporator must be a natural person (business entities not allowed to start a […]

Starting a nonprofit in Mississippi

Starting a Nonprofit organization in Mississippi is governed by the Mississippi Non profit corporation act ( Title 79, Chapter 11 of the corporations, associations and partnership section of the Mississippi code) Step 1) Choosing a Name for the Nonprofit organization – While the Mississippi code does not require use of corporate designators in the name, […]

Starting a Nonprofit in Michigan

Starting a Nonprofit organization in Michigan is governed by the Nonprofit Corporation Act 162 of 1982. (Here after called as Act) Eligibility for Starting a NPO in Michigan 1) The Application must be put up by one or more incorporators. 2) The Organization must have a place in Michigan to be designated as the ‘registered […]

Starting a Nonprofit in Massachusetts

Starting a Nonprofit organization in Massachusetts is governed by the Title XXII Chapter 80 of the General Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (abbreviated here as “M.G.L”) Scope of the Act – This section of the MGL is applicable to starting of organizations that undertake or promote civic, educational, charitable, benevolent, religious, antiquarian, historical, literary, […]