Benefits of Collecting Mobile Donations

Successful fundraising depends on getting potential donors to give at the moment they feel most motivated to support your cause or organization. But how do you make it convenient and easy for people to donate, precisely when their hearts and minds are moved to give? That answer is evolving with the growth of accepting payments through mobile devices.donation

There is tremendous potential in accepting mobile payments for nonprofits. Here are some of the benefits of collecting payments via mobile:

  • Ease and convenience: People can donate anywhere with their own phone
  • Timeliness: Donations can be made when people are most ready to give
  • Modern Communications: Donors appreciate a fresh interface for giving

Your nonprofit can increase giving through the following methods:

  • Request pledges through text or email to invite donor contributions
  • Provide web forms for secure donations
  • Generate contributions through text-to-give
  • Create a digital giving gateway that can be used multiple times for loyalty giving, repeat donations, scheduled giving and sharing
  • Track giving from a specific site or event, and from individual donors

Get prepared for mobile giving

Your nonprofit can easily set up its own mobile payment processing system to accept major credit card payments. Setting up a nonprofit merchant account makes it easy for you to accept electronic payments without concern over security when you create simple, PCI-compliant donation Web forms in collaboration with your payment processing company.

Your organization does not have to be a particular size, but must have documented nonprofit status. From there, it is a process of determining the level and type of donations you might be seeking, what forms of mobile or online payments fit that profile, and what tools or apps might be beneficial or necessary to enable your organization to accept donations through mobile and/or digital channels.

Peak interest=Repeat giving

Once you’ve encouraged the donor to give, which can often be done on-site at an event where their interest is at its peak, you can also encourage them to schedule repeat contributions using the same process they complete to make the first donation.

Tracking and accounting

Nonprofit credit card processing forms function as direct links with your existing accounting software, providing branded receipts that can be produced directly from your nonprofit’s e-mail and accounting system.

Customize your mobile branding with PCI-compliant donation process
Your brand as a nonprofit is what people “buy” when they make donations. Mobile marketing is an effective donation channel precisely because you can customize your initial contact form and all communications thereafter. You can now protect your mobile donations with a PCI-compliant donation process.
If you’re concerned that your nonprofit association might be getting in over its head with mobile payments—rest assured that there are plenty of ways to protect donor contact info and financial data. Mobile processing is much more secure thanks to the technology developed by payment processing companies. That’s a tremendous benefit to nonprofits that organize their donations around mobile devices, because it takes the burden and worry off of your staff, so you can focus on increasing your donations in the coming year.
Collecting Mobile Donations: The flexible and convenient way to give
When you identify and interact with a key prospect donor, you don’t want them to walk away from a giving opportunity. With mobile payment processing you can ask for the contribution right on the spot, and either deliver a secure payment form to their mobile device or record their contribution immediately through your own mobile device.

Maximize donations while generating loyalty
While generating the initial contribution from a donor is key, there is always loyalty and repeat giving to consider as well. Accepting mobile donations can make it convenient and easy for your donors to contribute regularly, whenever and wherever they are. Plus, your future requests can be streamlined so you can focus on your positive message while relying on the familiar interface of the mobile donation platform you’ve already provided, and which they’ve already used.

Loyalty is at least partly dependent on your nonprofit organization’s ability to make things as easy and hassle-free as possible for your donors. Accepting mobile donations is both a new way to start better relationships and a great way to keep them going.
The benefits of collecting mobile donations for nonprofits continue to evolve, and the success of organizations that follow best practices when interacting with their donors can create a whole new level of relationship.