Start a Nonprofit Organization and Run it Successfully on Strong Legal & Operational footing

without spending thousands of dollars on hiring lawyers and 501c3 experts !

Starting a nonprofit 501c3 can be long, grueling and expensive process for some one who is new to this sector.

An uninformed person would likely see several rejections, spend months correcting these mistakes and complying to state and federal norms before the organization sees the light of the day.

Forms would run into several pages (Form 1024 alone is 25 plus pages long) and it is easy for a newbie applicant to get lost in unheard terminologies and crunching jargon.

Hire a lawyer and be prepared to pay through the nose – not just once but year after year to remain in compliance with state and federal laws.

However there is an easier, less expensive method. Starting a nonprofit is easy, provided you know the rules of the game.

DO-IT-YOURSELF: the key to making informed decisions and to get going with your nonprofit organization in as less as 3 weeks, without involving lawyers !




nonprofit for dummies

About the Kit

  • step-by-step guide to start a NPO
  • a ‘DO-IT-YOURSELF’ action guide
  • a complete legal & operational kit
  • the most widely used kit in U.S.A

The Kit is APPLICABLE to start and run a:

  • 501(c)(3) organization
  • Charitable Organization
  • Religious organization
  • Educational organization
  • Research organization
  • Fiscally sponsored organization

This Kit is NOT applicable to:

  • Organization outside U.S.A
  • Private donor foundation
  • Advocacy group & Political organization

*Applicable to U.S. organizations only.

Testimonials & Feedback

nonprofit for dummies(89 ratings)

  • This kit will make you a savvy entrant. Great stuff, lots of information, amazing value for money.
    Schwinghammer S, Little Falls, Minnesota
  • We started an unincorporated association and have extensively referred to this kit.
    Stephens Brigg, ANCON , Santa Barbara, CA
  • Very useful & practical. Made me confident about every day decisions, I need to take as a non-profit board member.
    D Crock, Massillon, Ohio
  • 6 months since we started & we still use it. This Kit is a treasure!
    Cynthia T,Lowell, MA.
  • Detailed workout through the thick maze of legal and operational hurdles.
    J Evans, Oregon
  • It’s now my conviction that one need not hire any attorney or tax consultant for this.
    A Fisch, Texas

What You can do with this Kit ?

  • Explore all options before you form the organization
  • Follow it step-by-step to form a nonprofit organization
  • Comply with legal & operational aspects related to formation
  • Protect yourself, members, employees from personal liability
  • Build a scalable model for your organization.
  • Plan & draft organization budget, the IRS way
  • Obtain 501(c) tax exempt status with ease
  • Obtain all state tax exemptions with ease
  • Obtain fund raising license with state authorities
  • Know funding sources for start-up non-profit organizations
  • Find, apply & get fiscal sponsorship
  • Write your own grant application
  • Raise funds from foundations, state & federal sources
  • Never miss out on any periodical federal/state compliance
  • Be on sound legal & operational footing


  • Obtain multi-state fund raising registration
  • Setup office and administer processes
  • Adopt statutory & best governance practices
  • Comply with non-profit employment laws
  • Understand book keeping for non-profits
  • Maintain standard books of account
  • Follow other record keeping requirement
  • Comply with annual IRS requirements

Still More:

  • Comply with state fund raising requirements
  • Comply with volunteering requirements
  • Register your organization service/trade mark
  • Protect your organization with appropriate insurance cover
  • Know if/when audit would be required
  • Avail nonprofit standard mail rate benefits
  • Conduct branding exercises for your organization
  • Build your organization capacity at state & national level

Complete all these without hiring specialists !



Please note: The kit is in PDF format.
You can immediately download & use it.

Laws Covered

  • I.R.S Codes applicable to NPOs
  • Nonprofit Corporation Act ( for all 50 states)
  • Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (state wise)
  • State solicitation laws (for all 50 states)
  • State tax laws (for all 50 states)
  • Employment & Volunteer related laws (federal & state laws)
  • Accounting standards & audit rules
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act (new)

* Covers relevant federal and state laws.

Samples Included

  • Law compliant sample articles & bylaws
  • Other Federal & State Legal Forms
  • Sample minutes & board resolutions
  • Sample organization policies & manuals

dummies book nonprofit

Bonus downloads:

  • Capacity Building Resource Directory
  • The Book of Nonprofit Jargons