Availing nonprofit standard mail rates

Nonprofit organizations can avail of reduced rates of Standard Mail postage offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) by applying for Nonprofit Standard Mail rates. The authorization applies nationwide, if the application is approved. Contents eligible to be posted under the Nonprofit Standard Mail  rates Low-cost products, donated items or periodical publications are allowed […]

501(c)(3) exemption : eligibility

There are 3 eligibility criteria fixed by IRS for granting of 501(c)(3) exemption. I) Organized – The organization must either be a corporation, trust, or unincorporated association which must be evidenced by its organizing document which could be its articles of incorporation, trust documents or articles of association. II) Exempt Purpose – For tax exemption, the […]

Careers in nonprofit organizations

While small organizations do not employ a lot of people, the larger ones employ several specialists. Some of the common entry level careers offered in a nonprofit organization include – Administrator, program coordinators, campaign organizers, communications organizer, community representatives, Marketing Manager, fund raisers, publication editors, field directors, office managers, press assistant, project director, assistants, counselors, […]

Branding for nonprofit organizations

Large and established non profit organizations realize the importance of branding efforts and most of them employ dedicated P.R managers to steer their branding effort. In case of smaller organizations, the board members have to wear the hat of a PR manager. Why branding? Nonprofit organizations operate in a competitive environment – competing against each […]

Nonprofits: Record Keeping & Retention policy

Accountability is the buzzword with the nonprofit watchdogs. At the helm of accountability is the record keeping and retention policy of an organization. A well written record keeping and retention policy is recommended by IRS for proper governance. The record keeping & retention policy must be formally approved and adopted by the board of the […]