Branding for nonprofit organizations

Large and established non profit organizations realize the importance of branding efforts and most of them employ dedicated P.R managers to steer their branding effort. In case of smaller organizations, the board members have to wear the hat… Read More

Nonprofits: Record Keeping & Retention policy

Accountability is the buzzword with the nonprofit watchdogs. At the helm of accountability is the record keeping and retention policy of an organization. A well written record keeping and retention policy is recommended by IRS for proper governance…. Read More

Fund raising: Registering with the AG office

Fund raising is governed by the respective ‘state solicitation law’ of the respective state where the organization is either physically “present” or it raises funds. If an organization raises USD 5000 or more, it is required to obtain… Read More

AG offices for state solicitation registration

If an organization raises $ 5000 or more, it is required to obtain a solicitation license or an equivalent registration from the office of the Attorney general the state. What follows is a list of addresses and website… Read More

Does my NPO need an audit ?

Audit & Fund raising – 25 states require compulsory submission of audited statements, if a nonprofit organization (domestic or foreign) solicits funds in that state. Another 13 states require registration for fund raising but do not require submission… Read More