Budget making for nonprofit organization

The budget of a nonprofit organization shows its projected expenses and revenues for a given time period. Thus it is essentially recording of the organization’s plans in quantifiable money terms. The organization’s budget should be drafted as an appendix to the organization’s mission and programs. It should be prepared more as an internal guiding resource […]

New nonprofits: becoming accountable

Introduction The primary goal of a nonprofit organization is to serve its mission. However in the present day – the job of a nonprofit organization does not end there. Situations are such that, if a nonprofit organization keeps serving its mission but fails to document them properly, it may sooner or later find itself strangled […]

Sample Cash flow statement for nonprofits

While the cash flow worksheet gives a month wise break up of cash surplus or cash deficit, the organization still needs to know its annual cash flow position. This is where a cash flow statement (also called the ‘statement of activity’) is drafted. The figures for the cash flow statement can easily be obtained by […]

Sample Cash flow worksheet for nonprofit organizations

Revenues and Expenses incurred by an organization are measured on ‘accrual basis’ concept. According to accrual concept, revenues is recorded when it is earned, and expenses are recorded when they are incurred and is not necessarily the same as the amount of cash received or paid out. Thus there might be an expense which necessarily […]

Sample statement of activity of nonprofit organizations

The Income statement (also called the Statement of Activity or the operating statement) describes how the organization has dealt with its income and expenses in a given time period. This is primarily established by understanding how the organization’s net assets have been utilized over time. This change in net assets is expressed through the general […]