Sample Cash flow worksheet for nonprofit organizations

Revenues and Expenses incurred by an organization are measured on ‘accrual basis’ concept. According to accrual concept, revenues is recorded when it is earned, and expenses are recorded when they are incurred and is not necessarily the same… Read More

Sample statement of activity of nonprofit organizations

The Income statement (also called the Statement of Activity or the operating statement) describes how the organization has dealt with its income and expenses in a given time period. This is primarily established by understanding how the organization’s… Read More

Analysis of sample balance sheet of a nonprofit organization

This is one of the last documents to be prepared by a nonprofit organization but the first that we will take up here. This is because we want to have a bird’s eye view and this reverse engineering… Read More

Vehicles/Instruments of planned giving

A Planned giving can be executed through one or more of the following vehicles/instruments – Outright Gifts The least complicated of all the vehicles of planned giving where the donor simply makes an outright payment though check, credit… Read More

Benefits of planned giving

Till just a few years back, planned giving was criticized by many nonprofit leaders. They felt that it was better spending resources on programs that yielded funds in the short run rather than spending time on raising resources… Read More