Starting a Nonprofit Organization in Wisconsin

Information to Start a Incorporated Nonprofit Organization in Wisconsin. To start Unincorporated Nonprofit Organization read: Start an Unincorporated Nonprofit Organization You can also consider downloadingNonprofits for Dummies which explains how to start and run a nonprofit organization in Wisconsin. Starting a nonprofit organization in Wisconsin is governed by chapter 181 of Wisconsin Laws titled “non-stock […]

Starting a Non Profit in West Virginia

How to Start a Incorporated Nonprofit Organization in West Virginia. To start Unincorporated Nonprofit Organization in WV read: How to start an unincorporated nonprofit organization You can also consider downloading Nonprofits for Dummies that takes you step-by-step through the entire process of starting and running a nonprofit organization in West Virginia. Starting a Nonprofit organization […]

U.S statewise nonprofit incorporation process

Starting a nonprofit organization from scratch ? Start a Corporation There are two laws that govern nonprofit corporations in the country. Model Nonprofit Corporation Act,1964 ( Revised in 1987). Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act,1996 Most of the states have modeled their laws using any one or a combination of both these Act. For detailed state […]

Writing Mission statement for a nonprofit

The mission statement articulates a organization’s purpose. It explains why the organization exists in the first place. A clearly articulated mission statement gives a clear idea of the purpose and hence acts as a tool to measure the effectiveness of its programs against the benchmark of the mission. The mission statement must have a meaning […]


Thank you for taking the beginner’s checklist tour. Getting down to the act ! A definitive answer to all these questions constitutes the beginner’s checklist for starting a nonprofit organization. To summarize, before you begin with the process for starting a nonprofit organization , you need to be clear on these 5  issues – 1) […]