Starting a nonprofit in North Carolina

Starting a nonprofit organization in North Carolina is governed by the North Carolina nonprofit corporation act (Chapter 55A of North Carolina statues) Eligibility for starting a nonprofit organization in North Carolina 1) The Application must be filed by one or more incorporators. 2) The organization must be represented by a resident agent, who should have […]

Federal State Unrelated business Income tax

Introduction A nonprofit organization that has received tax exempt recognition under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code is exempt from taxes on Income from any activity which is substantially related to its tax exempt purpose. Income derived from the normal purpose for which the organization has been established is called as the “Exempt function income”. […]

Starting a Nonprofit in New York

Starting a Nonprofit in New York is governed by the Chapter 35 of the New York consolidated laws. Scope of the Act – There are four types of Non profit corporations that can be formed in New York. Type  A  – A nonprofit organization established for athletic, agricultural, animal  husbandry, civic, commercial, industrial, fraternal, horticultural, […]

Minimum Number of Directors for a NPO

The minimum number of directors for a non profit organization is 1 to 3 in different U.S states. See table below. Also see: Minimum number of founders Minimum number of Officers Minimum number of directors: The State wise rules for admitting directors on the board of a nonprofit organization are as follows: State Minimum Number […]