Starting a nonprofit in Kansas

Unlike most of the other states, Kansas law does not have a separate chapter for starting a nonprofit organization. Starting a Nonprofit organization in Kansas is governed by Chapter 17  of the Kansas statute (Article 60 onward)  –  the same statute that governs the starting of ‘for-profit organizations.’ Eligibility for starting a Nonprofit organization in […]

Starting a nonprofit in Iowa

Starting a nonprofit organization in Iowa and running it is governed The Revised Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act, Chapter 504 of the Iowa code. Applicability of the Act. The provisions of this chapter are applicable to starting and managing of – (See: Types of Nonprofit Organizations) 1) Public benefit organizations 2) Mutual benefit organizations, and 3) […]

Starting a Nonprofit in Indiana

Starting a nonprofit in Indiana is governed by the Indiana Nonprofit Corporation Act of 1991. The act is applicable to starting both domestic and foreign nonprofit organizations in Indiana. Applicability – The provisions of this Act are applicable to setting up of public benefit organizations, mutual benefit (private foundations, member’s association etc) and religious corporations. […]

Starting a nonprofit in Illinois

Starting a nonprofit organization in Illinois is governed by the “General Not For Profit Corporation Act of 1986” of Illinois. (Herein after called the ‘Act‘.) For meaning of new terms used here – refer to Incorporation terminologies. Scope of the Act – The Act is applicable to starting of public charitable organizations and private foundations. […]