Starting a nonprofit in District of Columbia

Starting a Nonprofit in District of Columbia is governed by D.C nonprofit corporation Act (Title 29, Chapter 3 of the DC code). Steps involved in starting a Nonprofit in D.C – Choose a name. – Choose a name… Read More

Starting a nonprofit in Delaware

Starting a nonprofit in Delaware is governed by the The Delaware general corporation law. Unlike most of the other states, Delaware does not have a separate nonprofit corporation Act. (The bare law can be assessed at: Steps… Read More

Starting a nonprofit in Connecticut

Starting a Nonprofit in Connecticut is governed by the Connecticut Revised Nonstock Corporation Act. The Secretary of the State has prescribed an application form for incorporating a nonprofit organization in Connecticut. (Download it here) Relevant features of the… Read More

Starting a nonprofit in Colorado

Starting a nonprofit in Colorado is governed by the “Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act” (Articles 121 – 137) (hereinafter called the ‘Act’) Eligibility for starting a nonprofit organization in Colorado a) The Proposed nonprofit organization must be represented… Read More

Starting a Nonprofit Organization in California

Starting a Nonprofit Corporation in California is governed by the Nonprofit Corporation Act of California. Scope of Nonprofit Corporation Act, California : The Act is applicable to start 501C3 organizations under the subcategories of charitable, educational, religious, recreational,… Read More