Budget Preparation for Startup Nonprofit

Budget constitutes the final part of the project report submitted to funding agencies for consideration. Budget making is difficult when starting a non profit organization, because there is no base on which costs can be estimated. This budget includes the following necessary components – 1) Estimated expenses & capital expenditure for the proposed project 2) […]

Measuring Project Outcomes / Indicators

The project report of a start up non profit organization should clearly spell out the methods that the organization proposes to apply to measure the success of the proposed project. Accordingly the project report should clearly specify the following aspects – 1) Social Impact expected of the program 2) Expected  Outcome of the program proposed […]

Programme Approach and Strategy

If you intend to start a non profit organization, this is perhaps one of the most important things that you should be clear about. In this section of your start up project report you need to mention the following details – 1) Overview of the program – Describes what the program is all about, who […]

Project report – Catchment analysis

Cathchment analysis constitutes an important section of the Project report of a new start up non profit organization. This section involvesĀ  presenting the demographicmpsychographic and behavioral aspects of the people of the location where the non profit organization proposes to operate. An analysis of these aspects helps the organization to decide the program strucutres to […]

Project report – Background and Justification

Outlined below are the contents of the “Background and Justification” section of the Project report of a new start up non profit organization. This section delves into the needs,justifications and background work conducted on the project till date. It typically provides the following information – 1) The work completed to so far. (for a new […]