Project report – Organization profile

Drafting a good project report is the key to get funds from funding agencies for new start up non profit organizations. The first section of the project report describes the Organization Profile. The organization profile section of the project report outlines the following details about the organization – Name, Address and Tel. no of the […]

Project report

Having completed the formalities of incorporation, the next step is to draft a Project report. A well drafted Project report is the key to attarct funding agencies to support the project.Many funding agencies provide for specific format for applying. However, there are some common things that generally form a part of the project report of […]

Accounting systems for Non profit start ups

The accounting procedures for non profit organizations in the U.S.A is governed by the Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) laid down by the Federal Accounting Standard boards (FASB). The systems are very comprehensive and it would be beyond the scope of this article. It is also not necessary for a non profit organization to get […]

Applying for tax exemption with IRS

Having filed the articles of association and the by laws of the new organization with the secretary of state, it is then time to apply for tax exempt status under section 501(c) (3) with the Internal Revenue Service which looks after tax related matters in the United States. To grant tax exemption, the application is […]

Articles of Incorporation of a non profit organization

The articles of Incorporation (also called the Certificate of Incorporation or simply ‘Charter’ in some states) is a legal document that is to be filed by a non profit organization(all all corporations) at the time of its formation with the concerned department of the secretary of state. The articles of an organization are the very […]