Starting a non profit organization: steps involved

Now that the decision to start a non profit organization has been made ,you need to get to work immediately to incorporate it as a non profit organization and to apply for a tax exempt status.Described below is… Read More

Steps to start

The steps involved in starting a non profit organization are as follows – 1)Meeting of like minded people. (You will need at least 2 people if you want to start a trust or atleast 7 like minded persons… Read More

Start Non profit Organization: Myth blasting

As someone who is contemplating to start non profit organization, I think you need to be clear on this. What do you understand by a not for profit organization ? When is it best to start a non… Read More


To begin with, I decided to do a search on the internet to explore the existing resources and let me tell you they are not enough. I just found 2 videos on youtube for the term “start non… Read More

Start non profit organization

A large number of individuals express their interests to start non profit organization. For some of them it a means of making their life more meaningful, for others it is an answer to some social injustice or problem… Read More