What are Cooperatives ? Meaning & Scope

A cooperative is defined as a group of interested members who get together to work and achieve a common goal helping each other in the process. These members may be individuals or group entities like businesses. Cooperatives are a common feature in several industries across the globe. Cooperatives are a very distinctive kind of nonprofit […]

Valuation of Non-Cash Donation (in-kind)

Valuation of in-kind or non-cash donation is a tricky and complex issue faced by many nonprofit organizations. Many a times, a donor would like to inflate the value of in-kind donation made to your organization for getting higher tax advantage. It is the duty of directors of non-profit organizations to arrive at and reflect a […]

Non Profit Accounting for Dummies

Critical review of  Non Profit Accounting for Dummies Accounting and proper book keeping plays an important role in any nonprofit organization. Like any for profit organization, a nonprofit organization is subject to evaluation and monitoring by a large assortment of entities like public watchdogs, governemnt, investors, donors, bankers and even  creditors. IRS is also very […]

Accounting and Bookkeeping for U.S Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations have similar financial transactions, accounting and bookkeeping needs as any for-profit organization. Like any other organization, a nonprofit is evaluated by a wide assortment of entities like donors, investors, bankers, creditors, public watchdogs and government to get a picture of its financial position before donating, lending or accrediting the organization. IRS also seeks […]

Bylaws for Delaware 501c3

Sample Bylaws for Delaware 501(c)(3) Compliant with: Delaware Code and IRS code. {Insert Name of Nonprofit Organization} BYLAWS (A 501 (c) (3) Not-for-Profit Corporation) ARTICLE I: NAME The name of this nonprofit corporation is: {Insert Name of Nonprofit Organization}, (hereinafter referred to as the “Corporation”) ARTICLE II: NONPROFIT PURPOSES Section 1. IRC Section 501 (C) […]