Federal Employment related laws for NPOs

The compliance requirements of a nonprofit organization multiply manifold the moment it becomes an employee. Most of these laws apply to employees only and would not apply to volunteers unless otherwise noted. Federal Laws Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), 42 U.S.C. 2000e Applies to all private and government employers […]

Trademark registration for NPOs

Introduction A nonprofit organization (or any individual) becomes the owner of the intellectual property simply by using it in the course of its activities. Registration is not mandatory to claim protection under the intellectual property laws. An organization that has registered its trademark can use the ® symbol. An organization that does not register a […]

Nonprofit organization: conducting the first meeting

Agenda for the first meeting of a nonprofit organization To appoint the initial board  (see: state wise minimum required directors) To elect officers. (see: state wise minimum required officer) To adopt the organization bylaws (if not already adopted) To approve to put up application for federal and/or state tax exemptions To approve opening of bank […]

Conducting Nonprofit Board Meeting

Nonprofit board meeting process : Role of the Chairman Establish quorum Discuss and identify conflict of interests Evaluate voting rights of members with conflict of interest from the quorum Formally start the meeting Move discussions forward Formally adjourn/end the meeting Role of the secretary: To maintain minutes Tenets of the organization meeting Agenda planning in […]