Project report

Having completed the formalities of incorporation, the next step is to draft a Project report.

A well drafted Project report is the key to attarct funding agencies to support the project.Many funding agencies provide for specific format for applying. However, there are some common things that generally form a part of the project report of a non profit organization.

They are:

Organization Background - A brief on what your organization stands for, its strucutre, its vintage and other details like contact details.

Project details - defines the purpose that is hoped to be achieved or issues that are proposed to be addressed.

The project detail will have sub sections like –

• The Vision, Mission & Objectives

• The Systems and prodecures to be adapted to achieve the obective including details of resources that would be used in the process.

• Executing team details – This section provides details like the name, age,qualifications and roles to be played by them for the success of the project.
• The Time Schedule –  A detailed time bound schedule for the activities to be undertaken with a month to month break up.

• Rationale and justifications for taking up the project.

• Outreach or Beneficiary details – Provides the Beneficiaries details like- number, age group, addresses etc.  The list may be further broken down into direct beneficiaries and Indirect beneficiaries.

• A detailed Budget- this should include a break up of the proposed expenses abd the details of funds required towards the same. The budget should be made for the entire period for which the project would run. If a project is perpetual in nature, the budget should be made atleast for the next 3 years.

• Sustainability of the Project – Most of the funding agencies prefer to support projects that have the probablity of becoming self sustainable over a period of time. This section of the project report  talks about the processes and systems to be implemented to make the project self sustainable after the funding agency withdraws it support.

Executive Summary

This section is drafted at the last but eventually appears first in the project report. Some times this is also attached with the covering letter to the funding agency. This section summarizes the entire project in 2-3 pages for the funding agency to pass a cursory glance over the salient parts of the project.

The next few articles have been written to take you through the contents in detail using a real life example.

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