Start non profit organization

A large number of individuals express their interests to start non profit organization.

For some of them it a means of making their life more meaningful, for others it is an answer to some social injustice or problem that they wish to see resolved. For yet others, it is a means to escape from their materialistic environment. A few people look at it as a means to bring about changes in their society while others see it as an opportunity to change themselves and to learn to appreciate all that life has offered them.
Some look of it as a part time initiative to return back to the society others see it as a calling that merits full attention. Social entrepreneurship is another trend that is becoming very popular as people are finding out innovative ways to address social issues that are of concern to them.

Whatever be your reason for looking forward to start a not for profit organization, you can rest assured that the satisfaction of running a non profit organization can very rarely be matched by taking up for profit ventures of what ever form.

We are a global consortium of consultants with expertise in starting non profit organizations. Over the years our consultants have gained exposure in setting up non profit organizations in several countries of the world. We have worked on a wide variety of social issues ranging from women’s right, youth issues, child rights, environmental issues, substance abuse, active citizenship, self help groups, vocational training and several others. You name them and we will show you our expertise on the cause.

This website is a space where all our consultants will be submitting their resource papers on how to start non profit organizations for several countries of the world. Over the next few months this space will collate the most exhaustive source of information on several aspects like identifying social issues of an area, how to start non profit organization, how to arrange grants for non profit organizations, registering non profit organization,501c3 non profit organization,drafting of bylaws of non profit organization,arranging for volunteers, fund raising for non profit organization and all possible aspects of starting and running a non profit organization.

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