State Employment related laws for NPOs

Employment related laws differ widely across states. However the common thread for most of the states includes the following employment related laws.

Most of these laws apply to employees only and would not apply to volunteers unless otherwise noted.

State Workers’ Compensation Act

• Applies to employers with three (3) or more employees.

• Purpose: To provide a no-fault remedy for workers who are hurt on the job.

• Employers must purchase and obtain workers’ compensation insurance.

• Note: For nonprofits, unpaid officers are not considered employees.

* Access the employer’s guide at the respective state office.

State Occupational Safety and Health Program

• Purpose: To protect and promote the safety and health of State’s workers.

• For the most part, this program follows closely the federal OSHA guidelines but there are additional standards that are unique to State.

State Unemployment Compensation Act

• Works in conjunction with the Federal Unemployment Tax Act.

• Sets forth taxes to be paid by the employer.

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