U.S statewise nonprofit incorporation process

Starting a nonprofit organization from scratch ?

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  • There are two laws that govern nonprofit corporations in the country.

    • Model Nonprofit Corporation Act,1964 ( Revised in 1987).
    • Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act,1996

    Most of the states have modeled their laws using any one or a combination of both these Act.

    For detailed state wise information, click on the state where you want to incorporate your nonprofit organization.

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    Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii
    Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky
    Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
    Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
    New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
    Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
    Tennessee Texas
    Utah Vermont Virginia Washington
    West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

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    For more information read: Advantages of Incorporating a non profit This would explain why almost 85% of the people choose this route to start nonprofit organizations.

    Other resources

  • Tax rules for Non Profits (including how to obtain Tax exempt status)
  • Accounting for Nonprofit organizations
  • Effective Fund raising
  • Administration & Governance of Nonprofits
  • Taking Control

    The resources on this website are aimed at reducing the requirement of outsourcing to external agencies like lawyers, Accountants, Tax specialists, Fund raising specialists and others to a bare minimum when you undertake to form a nonprofit organization.

    You might need their services at some point of time but you can be an informed client and not a gullible one by knowing the rules of the sector.

    Is it viable to Set up a Non Profit Organization ?

    The Non profit Sector constitutes a considerable economic force in many countries.

    It contributed 10% of the Gross Domestic Produce(GDP) and represented 9.5% of total employment in the United States(approximately employing 12.5 mn individuals). The figures are even more promising in several European countries.

    The sector grew at 2.5% in the recession hit year in the U.S as compared to a growth of just 1.8% in all other businesses combined.The occupational outlook report published by the Bureau of Labor statistics rates this sector as one of the most positive sectors in terms of growth in employment, growth in salaries and Job satisfaction.

    The figures quoted here pertain to the U.S but data from many countries show similar trends.

    It is sure one of the most viable Industries to get into and If you love this work, it can be a very rewarding experience.