To begin with, I decided to do a search on the internet to explore the existing resources and let me tell you they are not enough. I just found 2 videos on youtube for the term “start non profit organization” and both of them are like far from satisfactory. For one they are more of sales pitch but out of the two I found this one to be somewhat useful. This guy is talking about his company that helps you set up a non profit organization from the scratch. They will do all the work for you. Sounds easy ?

Yes it might sound easy but if you get everything else done by a guy, you will never learn the finer nuisances of setting up a non profit organization. And if you do not understand the nuisances, you will later find yourself struggling with the basic demands of running your organization smoothly.

I promise you some really informative resources that will answer all your questions on how to start non profit organization from scratch.Anyways, here is the better videos of the two (even though it is more of a sales pitch).