Identifying projects

The first step in setting up a non profit organization involves –

Undertaking demographic analysis of the selected location to identify existing demographic situations in the area. Identifying possible lacunae that may be worked upon. This could be on any social issues like women development, child issues, environmental issues or just about anything that can be worked upon.
This is followed by drafting of time bound objectives – in quantifiable or qualitative terms.
Once you are clear on your area of work you need to decide the – protocols and job aids

This is followed by drafting of a detailed project report which goes into the finest details for activities to be undertaken, the beneficiary details, the time line of these activities and the desired effects of these activities.

The project report also highlights the resources that are required for undertaking this project. This includes details of human resource requirements, funds required and other infrastructure that are needed to put into place for the project.

A project manager is selected to lead the team that undertakes this work. The roles of this project manager include providing technical support to the team, conducting regular meetings, delegaton of works amongst team members, following progress in work, taking corrective measures, building linkage between the organization and the community etc.