nonprofit for dummies

About the Kit

  • step-by-step guide to start a NPO
  • a ‘DO-IT-YOURSELF’ action guide
  • a complete legal & operational kit
  • the most widely used kit in U.S.A

The Kit is APPLICABLE to start and run a:

  • 501(c)(3) organization
  • Charitable Organization
  • Religious organization
  • Educational organization
  • Research organization
  • Fiscally sponsored organization

This Kit is NOT applicable to:

  • Organization outside U.S.A
  • Private donor foundation
  • Advocacy group & Political organization

*Applicable to U.S. organizations only.

What You can do with this Kit ?

  • Explore all options before you form the organization
  • Follow it step-by-step to form a nonprofit organization
  • Comply with legal & operational aspects related to formation
  • Protect yourself, members, employees from personal liability
  • Build a scalable model for your organization.
  • Plan & draft organization budget, the IRS way
  • Obtain 501(c) tax exempt status with ease
  • Obtain all state tax exemptions with ease
  • Obtain fund raising license with state authorities
  • Know funding sources for start-up non-profit organizations
  • Find, apply & get fiscal sponsorship
  • Write your own grant application
  • Raise funds from foundations, state & federal sources
  • Never miss out on any periodical federal/state compliance
  • Be on sound legal & operational footing
  • Obtain multi-state fund raising registration
  • Setup office and administer processes
  • Adopt statutory & best governance practices
  • Comply with non-profit employment laws
  • Understand book keeping for non-profits
  • Maintain standard books of account
  • Follow other record keeping requirement
  • Comply with annual IRS requirements
  • Comply with state fund raising requirements
  • Comply with volunteering requirements
  • Register your organization service/trade mark
  • Protect your organization with appropriate insurance cover
  • Know if/when audit would be required
  • Avail nonprofit standard mail rate benefits
  • Conduct branding exercises for your organization
  • Build your organization capacity at state & national level

Complete all these without hiring specialists !


$ 9.97

Please note: The kit is in ebook format. You can immediately download & use it.

Laws Covered

  • I.R.S Codes applicable to NPOs
  • Nonprofit Corporation Act ( for all 50 states)
  • Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (state wise)
  • State solicitation laws (for all 50 states)
  • State tax laws (for all 50 states)
  • Employment & Volunteer related laws (federal & state laws)
  • Accounting standards & audit rules
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act (new)

* Covers relevant federal and state laws.

Samples Included

  • Law compliant sample articles & bylaws
  • Other Federal & State Legal Forms
  • Sample minutes & board resolutions
  • Sample organization policies & manuals