Availing nonprofit standard mail rates

Nonprofit organizations can avail of reduced rates of Standard Mail postage offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) by applying for Nonprofit Standard Mail rates. The authorization applies nationwide, if the application is approved.

Contents eligible to be posted under the Nonprofit Standard Mail  rates

Low-cost products, donated items or periodical publications are allowed to be posted under the Nonprofit Standard Mail (nonprofit) rates.

Mailing of Advertisements

Advertisements with substantial relatedness are allowed as an exception. Space advertisement in publications may not be substantially related if the adjacent contents are related to the organization’s prime purpose. Other advertisements can be placed only if specifically approved.

Name, Logo and acknowledgment of contributors, donors, and sponsors in material mailed is allowed as long as no advertising is attempted. However, if the name/logo or acknowledgment is accompanied by their description or contact details, it would be subject to advertising restrictions.


Nonprofit organizations organized and operated for  Religious, Educational, Scientific,  Philanthropic (Charitable),  Agricultural, Labor, Veterans and Fraternal purposes are eligible for authorization to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail (nonprofit) rates.

Documents for making the application

USPS has prescribed PS Form 3624, Application to Mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail Rates . (Click to download).

Duly completed PS Form 3624 is to be submitted to the Post Office where Nonprofit Standard Mail mailings will be deposited.

Supporting documents

1)       IRS letter of exemption or complete financial statement from an independent auditor stating that the organization is nonprofit.  – to prove that the organization is nonprofit.

2)      Articles of incorporation, articles of association, or trust indenture or any other organizing document that states the organization’s purpose.

Other terms & restrictions

An organization authorized to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices cannot not delegate or allow the use of its authorization to any other person or organization.

Certain advertisements are expressed as prohibited or restricted.

The nonprofit organization’s name and return address must appear at least twice in all such mails – Once outside the mail (say on the envelope) and once in a prominent place in the contents mailed.

The complete details of nonprofit standard mailing, USPS has issued publication 417.
Download Complete Publication 417 of USPS.