Board committees and their roles in a non profit organization

The board usually has separate committees set up for effective implementation and management of its various activities. The committees are smaller sub groups within the larger framework of the board and they act as specialized teams ,each handling… Read More

Responsibilities of the Board of a Non Profit

The board of a new start up non profit has the following responsibilities – 1. FORMULATE ORGANIZATION’S VISION MISSION AND OBJECTIVE A Vision statement imparts a long term direction for the non profit organization. A mission statement is… Read More

Fund raising for new startups

There is no dearth of funding agencies who are willing to fund projects on social issues. However there is an acute dearth of organizations that are eligible for these grants. So what constitutes eligibility of a non profit… Read More

Identifying projects

The first step in setting up a non profit organization involves – Undertaking demographic analysis of the selected location to identify existing demographic situations in the area. Identifying possible lacunae that may be worked upon. This could be… Read More

Opening a Bank Account for Nonprofit Organization

Opening a bank account is the second logical step in starting a non profit organization. Generally you will have to furnish the identity proof and address proof of all the members on the board of the organization along… Read More