Programme Approach and Strategy

If you intend to start a non profit organization, this is perhaps one of the most important things that you should be clear about. In this section of your start up project report you need to mention the following details –

1) Overview of the program – Describes what the program is all about, who are its beneficiaries, strutcutre of the program, the reason for choosing the program to achieve the organization’s objectivs and the method that would be applied to measure the effectiveness of the program.

2) The second part of this section delves into ‘the achievements’ of the program so far.

3) Another section of this part of the project report delves into the the actual proposal for which funds are being sought by the new startup non profit organization.

Annexed below is a sample of this section that has been drawn from the project report of ‘People for Change’ – a non profit organization that works with young adolescents. This project report pertains to the very first year of the operation of this start up non profit organization and has been reproduced with their permission.

Overview of the Progam:

We at ‘People for Change’ very much value exposure, interaction and peer learning processes. Our recent interactions with more than 22000 students in 35 schools have reinforced this belief. We are now looking out for support to create 2 youth resource centers in {Location} where young people can come together, co-create learning experiences and contribute positively to the community development. We plan to utilize these resource centers as spaces for involving the youth in “self development” and ‘social action’ projects of various kind. We also recognize that reading and writing have been limited to formal education in our filed area. In order to create opportunities for reading and expression we wish to publish newsletters which will be written by young people for young people.

‘People for Change’ has the required experience and expertise to design and run social action campaigns. We feel campaigns are great opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills, highlight social issues, develop deeper understanding about issues and mobilize young people. Campaigns give energy and take care of youth needs such as fun, interaction, novelty etc. We want to organize a campaign each year highlighting youth action.

What we have achieved so far?

‘People for change’ is now an accepted name in more than 35 schools. Our volunteers are personally known to tens of thousands of youth in {Location}. We have established a repo of kind with a large base of students, parents and educators. A large section of students have expressed us written and verbal interest to come forward and participate more actively with us rather than just attending our workshops.

A large section of parents have also interacted with us during this period and a majority of them are comfortable with their children interacting with us. This is a major achievement for us as parents supporting non curriculum activites in {Location} is a relatively rare phenomena.

Teachers and educators of more than 35 schools are interested in supporting us in our endeavors of running self development & active citizenship projects with their school students.

As a part of self development initiative, we have conducted workshops in more than 25 schools in the last 1.5 years with a direct outreach of approximately 4000 students in the last 1.5 years. We have so far organized one major campaign in nearby villages where the students went and identified parents who were not sending their children to schools and persuading them to allow their children to schools.

Since the beginning ‘People for Change’  has been running out several programs in schools promoting spirit of volunteerism and celebrating youth led social action. We have organized a major social action project titled ‘Metamorphosis’ in 10 large schools with an approximate outreach of around 23000 students. This involved students collecting old newspapers and selling them to mobilize funds which was then donated to orphanages in the near by locations. We have conducted students visit and interaction with hundreds of leprosy affected people residing in leprosy colonies of {Location}. We also conducted another social action project titled ‘Haath Se Haath ’ with around 3000 students from 2 schools. This project involved collecting and donating old clothes and blankets to the needy.

What we propose?

In this project we propose to undertake the following activities under the aegis of the Resource Center for Adolescents

Youth Resource Center:
We wish to build 2 new Youth Resource Centers (YRC) in {Location} over a period of next two years – one for the first generation school goers and the second for children from other schools. At the end of the two years we would have been running 2 Youth Resource Centers and the third year would be dedicated to further strengthen and better the functioning of these 2 resource centers.

From the second year onwards every six months few adolescent representatives will come together for a  three day residential camp and will take responsibility to work on the newsletter and publish it. So, starting with year 2 we will publish 2 newsletters each year. These newsletters will be published by adolescents for adolescents.

Awareness Campaign:
We will design and run campaigns involving adolescents and young people from rural and urban areas every year starting with the end of year 1 . The theme of the campaign will be designed by the adolescents. This will help them to consolidate their learnings and create awareness about social issues.

We will put different resources on youth development, lifeskills together for easy access by teachers, educators. There will be films, books, training manuals, evaluation tools to work on these themes.

We would like to equip the resource centers with a teaching classroom structure, tools for conducting theatre, music and painting workshops to begin with.


Some people might wonder, how a new start up non profit organization can really have such a body of work as this to show.

You may not have an exhaustive body of work to show when you start a non profit organization, however – it is advicable to have atleast something to show before you apply for funding with any of the agencies.