Starting with the incorporartion procedure

Documents required for incorporating a nonprofit (get them handy to start with the formal incorporation procedure)

a)Business Address – A complete business address – not just the post box number.

b) Mailing address – if different from the mailing address

c) Description of the activities of the proposed non profit organization.

d) Personal Information – The legal name and the social security number of  incorporator, officers, board members, other members and managers.

e) Personal Information of parties responsible for filing returns, paying taxes and meeting other statutory compliances.

f) Copy of Articles of Incorporation – refer to the section on Articles of Incorporation

g) Copy of the proposed bylaws of the organization

Number of Directors

The minimum and maximum number of directors allowed for an organization is a subject of the respective state incorporation law. Many states allow for a minimum 1 member and no cap on the maximum number of members.

The incorporation laws vary greatly amongst the states and can be intimidating for a newbie. If you are keen on getting the starting your non profit organization without getting into the hassles you can seek professional expertise to complete all filing formalities in as less as one day time.

There are several online agencies like (should not be construed as an advise – you can choose from thousands of other service providers) that offer same day incorporation for as low as USD45.