Steps to start

The steps involved in starting a non profit organization are as follows –

1)Meeting of like minded people. (You will need at least 2 people if you want to start a trust or atleast 7 like minded persons if you plan to start a society)

2) Decide a name and the constitution of the non profit organization( i;e a trustor a society or a not for profit co. under sec 501c3 in the U.S.A or under section 25 in U.k)

3) You will then have to identify at least one issue on which you would like to concentrate. This stage is characterized by drafting of a mission and a vision statement for the non profit

4) This stage involves preparation of the trust deed (if you choose to register as a trust) or bye laws (if you choose to register as a society or as a company)

5) This is followed by a formal registration/incorporation of the company with the appropriate registrar.

6) Once the non profit is registered, you can officially begin work. This stage also requires you to set up a bank account for the non profit organization and complete certain other statutory registrations like those with the income tax department of your state.

7) The work can now formally begin. You need to set up the books of accounts and certain basic registers for recording of activities.

You now need to start mobilizing resources from the community and start to undertake projects under the newly setup non profit organization. You generally do not get any funds suppport atleast for the first 6 months after the inception. Once you have certain body of work to show up to prospective funders you then need to prepare a project report and submit it to various funding agencies requesting them funds for your non profit initiatives.